How Do Soundproof Windows Work?

One of the best ways to tell the quality of a window is by listening how well it blocks outside sound. Can you hear your neighbors next door when they’re mowing their lawn? If it’s a downpour rain, can you hear the sound of the rain hitting your mailbox? Are you sick...

4 Chimney Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

As the Fall season comes to an end and winter begins, the topic of home maintenance should come to mind. There are many parts of your home that require seasonal maintenance, including your shingles, windows, gutters and downspouts, your flashing, and your chimney. In...

Best Roofing for Multi-Family Housing

One of the most important aspects of any kind of home is the style of roofing you plan on having. The roofing style affects the value of your property, as well as the aesthetics and feel of the building. When working with multi-family housing buildings such as...

4 Tips to Get HOA Approval

When you live in a community that is run by an HOA (Home Owner's Association), it can be difficult to get approval for a roof repair or replacement. HOAs are legal entities that manage a home or neighborhood, and enforce rules and regulations regarding the upkeep of...

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Gable Roofing: Pros & Cons

There are many different types of roofs in America including hip and valley roofs, mansard, flat, skillion, jerkinhead, and more. Today we’re discussing the pros and cons of one of the most popular roofing styles: gable roofs. If you’re considering using a gable roof...

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Roofing & Roof Repairs

Exterior Remodel and Design’s roofers are the most experienced roofers in Nebraska. We offer free no hassle estimates and offer emergency roof repairs. Anything from wind, hail, or tornado damage typically we can be there the same day. We have and excellent track record for installing new roofs as well as re-roofing.

Siding & Gutters

Siding and gutters protect your home from the elements. They are you best defensive when living in the Midwest weather. Protecting your home with quality siding and gutters is the best investment a home owner can make. So contact Exterior Remodel & Design here in Omaha today to get the best options and service for your new siding.

Windows & Doors

Windows are the best way to protect your home from the rising cost of energy. We have built an excellent reputation in Nebraska for providing high end windows at affordable prices. Replacing windows adds value to your investment while keeping your home warm in the cold Midwestern winters. Call us and save more money today.


five stars

They did a terrific job! They will take ownership of the complete project and worked with the insurance adjuster, project managed all repairs on the roof, siding, windows, paint, gutters and they repaired $90,000 in hail damage! My house looks better than when I bought it!

five stars

The roofing bid was the best out of four. The service was courteous and professional and the work was outstanding. I highly recommend this company for your Exterior Remodel and Design needs!

five stars

Could not have been a better job. Great craftsmanship. Nice to do business with.