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Company News and Exterior Best Practices

4 Chimney Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

As the Fall season comes to an end and winter begins, the topic of home maintenance should come to mind. There are many parts of your home that require seasonal maintenance, including your shingles, windows, gutters and downspouts, your flashing, and your chimney. In...

4 Tips to Get HOA Approval

When you live in a community that is run by an HOA (Home Owner's Association), it can be difficult to get approval for a roof repair or replacement. HOAs are legal entities that manage a home or neighborhood, and enforce rules and regulations regarding the upkeep of...

4 Ways to Protect Your Home from Summer Heat

Every summer, your roof is exposed to extreme heat and high humidity. As the temperatures rise to the mid-90s Fahrenheit, the warm weather can cause your roof to expand, asphalt shingles to crack, and your roof’s construction materials to endure thermal shock. Is...

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