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Sheds are extremely helpful resources when it comes to having solid backyard storage. With proper maintenance, a well-built shed can last for several years. But how do you know what kind of shed damage is worth it to repair?

Missing Shingles

Are there are a few shingles missing on the roof of your shed? This is a great time to repair your shed roof and install some more shingles. It’s a cost-effective repair that will go a long way. But if you decide to wait on a shingle repair, you run the risk of your shed roof leaking. A roof leak will lead to mold growth in and on your shed, and even damage the equipment and tools you’re storing in your shed. When that happens, you’ll likely need to replace your shed and most of your damaged equipment.


Damaged Windows

Does your shed have windows and do they have cracks? Shed windows are useful because they allow natural light and air into sheds. But depending on the location of your shed, your shed windows might be prone to damage. Luckily, windows are fairly easy to replace with proper skills, tools, and patience. A new window will improve the appearance of the shed and make the entire shed more weather-ready and secure.


Minor Mold

Are your shingles and windows in good condition, but you still see mold growing inside or outside your shed? Molds tend to thrive in damp areas and can often be seen in the darkest part of your shed. Not to worry though—mold removal is simple if you catch it early and before it has spread. Just make sure to use caution when scrubbing the mold so it doesn’t release spores around your shed.


Door Trim Issues

Is your door trim scratched up, rotted or becoming detached from your shed’s entryway? While door trim is mostly an aesthetic part of your shed, it also serves a purpose of sealing the corner and roof connection of your shed. Much like the other parts of your shed, if you wait too long to replace the trim, the damage can spread to other parts of your shed. If the trim is rotted, mold can spread. If the trim is falling off your door, it could cause encourage your shed’s roof or construction elements to become detached. Fortunately for you, door trim repair is one of the simplest and cost-effective repairs you can make on your shed.


Contact a Roofing Professional

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