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As the Fall season comes to an end and winter begins, the topic of home maintenance should come to mind. There are many parts of your home that require seasonal maintenance, including your shingles, windows, gutters and downspouts, your flashing, and your chimney.

In 2019, we provided several tips for maintaining your chimney, which included keeping it free from debris, periodic checks for water damage, and more. But one thing we have yet to talk about are the mistakes to avoid when cleaning your chimney; this article will provide a few common aspects to avoid the next time you work on your chimney.


Mistake 1: Bad Timing

There’s a good time to clean out your chimney, and there’s also a bad time to do it. The best time for chimney cleaning is around the spring and summer months, and should be no later than early fall, typically before fire-burning season.

The main reason for cleaning your chimney earlier in the year is to take advantage of availability with your local chimney sweep companies. The sooner you hire them in the year, the better turnaround you will receive. In addition to better availability, your local sweep company may have better deals to ensure more cost effectiveness for you.


Mistake 2: Hiring the Wrong Sweep

Because the chimney sweep industry is unregulated, there are many scammers in the industry ready to take advantage of homeowners looking for a cheap clean. You should do enough research to ensure that the chimney sweep company you hire is made up of qualified professionals.

How do you research chimney sweep companies in an unregulated industry? Check real reviews from customers, evidence of company longevity in the community, and if the chimney sweep company has earned been certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA).


Mistake 3: Ineffective DIY Methods

Feel like cutting corners and saving money on chimney cleaning this year? Please reconsider because you could easily do more damage than good when cleaning your chimney yourself.

Regardless if you burn creosote chimney sweep logs, a sweep brush, or any other tool, cleaning your chimney is an extensive process that requires comprehensive skills and practice. That necessary experience teaches you what tools are best for the job and how to safely clean from inside the chimney or on top of your roof.


Mistake 4: Making a Wrong Assumption

Did you know there are multiple kinds of wood you can use to create more or less creosote when cleaning your chimney? Seasoned softwoods and hardwoods generally create less creosote than if you used unseasoned kinds of wood. Because chimney cleaning is needed routinely, you want to make sure not to leave multiple layers of creosote in your chimney at once. Leaving multiple creosote layers in the chimney could cause a variety of issues including: an unmanageable chimney fire, an obstruction of your chimney flue, or even cause toxic gases to build up in your home (such as carbon monoxide fumes).


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