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Chimneys are ventilation structures used to isolate hot toxic exhaust gasses and smoke produced by boilers, stoves, furnaces, and related vessels in houses. They’re usually located on roofs to ensure smooth flow of the gasses. Since chimneys come in a variety of shapes and sizes, it’s important to know the different ways to maintain a chimney. This article offers 5 tips for the best chimney maintenance.

Keep It Free & Clear

Keep an eye on your chimney and make sure the flue at the top is free and clear of tree branches, bird nests, or other debris. If a chimney gets surrounded or clogged by debris, the gases exiting the chimney might be forced back into the house and poisoning you.

Check for Water Damage

Has the recent rainstorm damaged your chimney? Water from storms and buildups have been known to cause incredible damage to chimneys and roofs. Apply a waterproof sealant to your chimney to prevent further damage and more expensive repair.

Cap That Chimney

A quality chimney cap is best for keeping out rain, birds, rodents, leaves and other debris that could obstruct the flow of flue gasses in your chimney. Chimney caps are usually created with stainless steel to prevent rust, but should still require regular chimney maintenance.

Annual Chimney Inspection

One of the best ways to provide proper chimney maintenance is to perform annual inspections and cleanings of it. Take the opportunity to sweep clogging residue and clear debris around your chimney. Performing regular inspections significantly improves the performance of your chimney and reduces the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning or a chimney fire.

Check the Flashing, Brick & Mortar Joints

Chimney flashing usually includes metal sliders around where the chimney meets the shingles of your roof. The flashing needs to be tight and without defects. If the flashing needs repair, reseal all cracks, mortar joints, and loose bricks with a cement compound to prevent further deterioration.

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