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Spring officially made its way into the Norther Hemisphere on March 19 and will end in late June. One month into the season and many roofs around the US have yet to be checked for safety and durability. Have you inspected your own roof yet this spring? Follow our checklist below to keep your roof in tip-top shape this season.

Why an Inspection?

Over the year, your roof takes the brunt of many different weather conditions that comes with each season including freezing temperatures, heavy rain showers, and scorching heat. The symptoms from the influx in weather conditions may not be noticeable in day-to-day routines, but an inspection of the interior and exterior areas of your roof and home can help you catch small issues before they become costly problems.

Your Inspection Checklist

Inspect Your Shingles

Check all sections of your roof for cracked, missing, or damaged shingles. Your roof has a lot of shingles that endures a variety of cold-weather conditions during winter months.

Inspect Your Gutters & Downspouts

Once you’ve cleaned out any leaves or debris, run some water through your gutters. Damaged downspouts and gutters can result in expensive water leaks around your house. Inspect your downspouts for damage from ice dams or tree branches. Look over your gutters to make sure they’re not disconnected from your home; snow buildup can be heavy for your gutters and can cause them to develop holes or pull away from your home. If you have asphalt shingles and they showed damage during inspection, check your gutters for gooey substances or an excessive buildup of shingle granules.

Inspect the Flashing

If your gutters were damaged from ice dams, it could have restricted flow of water and caused a leak or damage to your flashing. Just like with your shingles, check for cracks or holes in your flashing, and make sure everything is secure.

Inspect Your Chimney or Skylight

Look closely at the seals around your chimney and skylight, and make sure your roofing surfaces haven’t been damaged. If the seals are falling apart, it could result in a water leak in your roof.

Inspect Your Attic & Indoor Areas

If you can access your attic, grab a flashlight or other kind of lighting and inspect all of the spaces in your attic for any signs of water leaks. Be sure to go around the inside of your house and check for leaks or things that are out of the ordinary. Problems to keep an out for include water stains, black marks, mold or mildew.

Contact Us for an Inspection

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