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In the past decade, the number of residential home patios has more than doubled from 73,000 in 2010 to 185,000 in 2019. Having a front or back patio can considerably improve your quality of life and even raise the value of your home. Despite the number of patios in homes across the country, a patio roof isn’t always as popular. What are the benefits of having a patio roof?

Benefit 1: Optimal Protection

Having a roof to your patio will provide excellent protection from natural elements such as wind, rain, sun and snow. Whether you have a permanent or retractable patio awning, you will be protected and will likely be able to increase the time you spend relaxing on your patio. A patio roof will also provide protection to your patio furniture and patio itself, thus extending the life and value of your patio  and decor.

Benefit 2: Better Gutter System

As you install more add-ons to your home, there’s more risk of your gutters getting clogged or not draining properly. Without a patio roof, the water from your main roof could drain onto your patio and cause any wood to mold, get damaged, or cause your foundation to warp. Most patio roofs include built-in gutter systems to help channel rainfall away from the patio and to other parts around your house.

Benefit 3: Style & Value

As mentioned above, installing a roof for your patio will help increase the value and style of your home. It will give you greater control over your front and back outdoor area. There are a variety of different roof styles that go with your house or your ideal look, whether you want protection from sun and elements or just better curb appeal.


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