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Commercial roofing requires a set of specialized skills, education and experience. It is the combination of these three areas that gives professional roofing contractors their ability to provide thorough roof certifications and inspections. This article will discuss the variety of ways roofing certifications are important on the job.

Variety of Services

One of the benefits of having different certifications is the wide range of tasks a commercial roofing contractor is qualified to perform. Whether it’s installing shingles, tile systems, roofing or siding elements, having certifications shows homeowners that a roofing team is experienced in installing, repairing and replacing any roofing material needed for a project.  


A Better Quality Service

When a roofing professional decides to get certified for a specific service, they’re required to complete strict testing for every certification they want. The professional is tested on safety precautions, system controls, and a variety of other areas. This means that upon passing the test and getting certified, the professional is proving they they have the skills and experience necessary to get the job done exceptionally well.  


Qualified Warranty

Many homeowners get to enjoy warranties on roofing materials, but only when they’re installed by a certified roofing team. Not only is a certified professional providing a top quality installation or repair, but you also get more confident warranties to protect your investment.  


Knowledge of Modern Practices

The roofing industry is constantly evolving and this bodes true whether you’re a seasoned professional or new employees. As the industry changes, the certifications change with it. When a roofing contractor earns a certification for a service, they are proving they know the past and most updated ways to required to be certified for the service. This helps strengthen customer and supplier confidence, increase productivity, improved safety, installation consistency, and a more enhanced reputation and position for contractors.  


Contact a Certified Professional

At Exterior Remodel & Design, Inc., our roofing professionals are certified in every service we provide. Whether you’re looking for a simple inspection, a challenging repair project, or a long-term investment in an installation service, our roofing professionals are the best for the job. Contact us below by phone, email, or request a pricing quote with our contact form.