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shades of paint samples in all colors When you live in a community that is run by an HOA (Home Owner’s Association), it can be difficult to get approval for a roof repair or replacement. HOAs are legal entities that manage a home or neighborhood, and enforce rules and regulations regarding the upkeep of homes and their appearances. If there’s an issue with your home, your HOA may or may not offer a helping hand, yet you can count on them to block your attempt at a repair without their approval. So here are some ways for you to get their approval quickly and effectively!


1) Review Your HOA Contract

Before you even contact your HOA representative, you should take the moment to review your contract in depth. Your HOA contract should include detailed explanations of your property restrictions and guidelines. You may have the freedom to repair or replace the aspects around your roof, but you will have to adhere to a certain color theme or materials used. Reviewing the contract is step one, because it gives you the opportunity to look at the legal aspects you agreed to when you first closed on your home.


2) Speak with Your HOA Property Manager

Once you’ve reviewed your home’s HOA contract, the next step is to speak with your neighborhood’s property manager. Even if your home is on par with your HOA contract, it’s possible that your neighborhood’s property management company has a different current protocol for house maintenance. You should have them explain the entire process of obtaining approval for your project and the estimated length of time it will take. The property manager will also be able to help you find the necessary forms needed for you to apply.


3) Check the Pre-Approved Colors

After you’ve reviewed your contract and spoken directly with an HOA property manager/representative, the next step is to see if there are any color requirements for your project. Your HOA may have a list of designated pre-approved colors you can use with your maintenance project, or you may have complete freedom to choose the materials or color yourself. This is a step you can complete while in communication with your HOA property manager, especially they can provide more insight or recommendations on getting your plans accepted. Once you’ve determined which colors, materials and design you want to use for your home project, you can finally send in your application and wait out the rest of the process.


4) Be Patient & Build Your Case

Now that you’ve done the research and completed the application process, the next important steps to make are to be patient with the approval process and to build your case with your HOA’s review board. It may take several weeks or months to obtain approval for your desired materials, colors and design. While you wait, you’ll want to develop a case on how your project is necessary and why your HOA review board should approve it. Is your project important to maintain your home’s structural integrity? Depending on your reason for the project, you may have to work harder to convince the HOA review board.


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