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Taking care your commercial roof can be difficult. How do you ensure your flat roof drains? Should I consider metal roofing? Just like with residential roofing, there are a variety of commercial roofing problems that can creep up on you. This is why it’s important to know the most common problems that occur with industrial and commercial roofs.

Shrinking Roofs

Roof shrinkage is the result of water and other damage to the membrane of your roof. The membrane is the outer skin that serves to protect the inner roof sections from extreme weather and temperatures, and from object damage like trees and debris. Your roof’s membrane can shrink over time from the wear and tear, which can lead to cracks, tears, rips and ridges in your roof. This kind of commercial roofing problem be avoided with regular inspection and maintenance.

Roof Separation

If your roof was poorly installed or not properly attached to the substrate (surface which the roof membrane is applied to), the seams could get exposed to weather elements and cause the roof or roof parts to blow off. This is why roofs must be installed properly to withstand high winds.

Failed Ventilation

A balanced ventilation system keeps the roof healthy and prevents damages following winter months. Unfortunately, roof ventilation can often be neglected and overlooked as an important aspect of the roofing project. With careful planning and proper strategy, a balanced ventilation system should include new and advanced roofing techniques.

Cheap Over Quality Materials

There are some things in life where going cheap is fine, but that’s not the case with roofing materials. What you might save in money, you will put your entire roof system at risk for considerable damage. Going cheap with materials like edge metal, leak barriers or sealants, will result in expensive repairs soon after installation. To avoid this, make sure you use a professional commercial roofing contractor who is known for providing exceptional work.

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