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Do you ever wonder how to provide best drainage solutions for flat roofs, whether commercial or residential? In 2017 we discussed why flat roof drainage is important; the most common flat roof drainage options are with internal drains, scuppers and gutters. This article will provide information on other drainage options for flat roofs and how you can use them to ensure safe water flow on your flat roof.

Drainage Helpers

Do you already have a good drain system on your flat roof? Drainage helpers are good options for flat roofs that receive a lot of water buildup or need to move more water than normal. With drainage helpers there is a hidden system that uses already-installed drain insulation to allow for faster water drainage.

Step Sloped Insulation

One way to improve drainage on flat roofs is to install a slope on an existing flat roof. With a step sloped installation, a professional installs several layers of flat board insulation under your roof membrane. It’s important to install the board in several layers with thin boards around the drains to create a proper step sloped insulation.

True Sloped Insulation

A true sloped insulation is a slightly more expensive alternative sloped insulation installation for flat roofs. Normally installed on new roofs, true sloped insulation is made out of EPS board, wood fiber board, or ISO board thermal insulation (high-density and extruded polystyrene rigid insulation board). In order to accurately install the board, it must be pre-cut by the manufacturer to the flat roof’s exact measurements. Professionals then install the slope pattern to create a ramp that guides water away from the flat roof’s surface.

Plant Carrier

The most Eco friendly and economical drainage solution for flat roofs is with a plant carrier. Plant carriers work best with roof drainage systems that are already in good shape. With plant carrier installations, seeds or seedlings are planted on the roof and their roots attach to the biodegradable fiber or plastic netting and absorb moisture from the roof. Any moisture or water flow not caught by the plants is removed by the current drainage system.

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