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In September, we covered 5 ways to prepare your gutters for the coming Fall season. But how do you prepare the rest of your house for the Fall conditions? Today, we’re focusing on how to prepare your windows for Fall.

How Fall Affects Your Windows

There are a few ways Fall affects your windows and home.

  • Window Drafts: If your window aren’t secured correctly, there will be a draft from the wind outside. This will cause your furnace to work overtime to keep out the cold air draft, thus increasing your heat bills in the Fall and Winter.
  • Window Sills: If your window isn’t properly angled or sloped, it will be easier for water to seep in through the window. This will damage and rot the wood in your window and house.
  • Window AC Units: Do you have an AC unit in your window? If you don’t regularly remove the unit and inspect your window, any small damage around the window could create large issues for you and your house.


1) Check Window Caulking

Do your windows have weather strips (caulking) installed? If so, they could be worn from seasonal changes. Be sure to check the caulking to see if it’s loose and needs to be reapplied to your window. If you ignore loose caulking or wait to reapply weather strips, then as soon as cold weather comes it will enter your home through your window and increase your heating bills.

2) Check Your Windows From Outside

Have you looked into your windows from the outside lately? There might be considerable damage from views you can see inside your house. It’s possible the weather-proof paint on your windows has eroded and given way to wood rot on your windows. Look for issues and attend to them before it gets too late into Fall.

3) Utilize Window Sun

The Fall season includes a variety of changing conditions from colder weather to bright sunny days. With proper blinds and curtains, you can capture heat from sun rays and help warm up your house without keeping your furnace running on overdrive. Look into getting some thermal insulated curtains that reduce noise and sunlight while also insulating your home better. Thermal curtains are usually fitted with a dense lining, are made with heavy material, and create an air space between the window and the curtain and prevents warm air from being sucked out of the room by the cold window glass.


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