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With the winter weather starting to finally move out of the Midwest, this is the perfect time of year to assess the windows in your home. Have you noticed that certain windows in your home are drafty? Have you tried opening a window for some fresh air, but had a hard time getting it opened and closed? If either of these situations have occurred, it may be a sign that you need to upgrade your windows. Read on to learn more about the warning signs of windows that have declined in quality and security over the years.

Damaged Window Frames

One of the first signs of aging windows is if you notice wear and tear on the frames. Chipped or splintered window frames can be caused by excessive moisture that has collected and soaked into the frame. Frames that become soft to the touch are typically beyond repair. If your window frames are soft, chances are rot has already set into the area and it would be wise to replace the affected windows. By replacing the damaged windows, you can avoid additional water damage to the interior of your home that could lead to the formation of mold and mildew.

Excessive Condensation

Speaking of water damage, excessive condensation between the layers of glass on your windows can also be cause for concern. If your windows have started to take on a frosted or foggy appearance, it typically means the window seal is no longer functioning properly. If you had windows installed that are an energy efficient model, the windows are no longer functioning at their highest potential and should be replaced.

Drafty Window Frames

A drafty window is easy to spot during the cooler months. If you notice that one of your windows allow a light breeze into your house despite being closed, your windows may need to be replaced. However, drafty windows can also be caused by improper installation or a damaged seal. Once you notice a drafty window, it’s important to address it in a timely manner so your HVAC system does not go into overdrive and become damaged because of the fluctuating temperatures within your home.

Difficulty Opening & Locking

Windows that are hard to open and close could be the result of poor installation or overall age. If you notice any rot or rust developing on the window frames, chances are you will need to replace your windows. When the windows in your home do not close properly, you are not only driving up your energy bills, but the overall security of your home can be put at risk. Windows that have a hard time closing usually also have a hard time locking.

When it comes to ensuring your new windows will keep your home energy efficient, trust the installation process to professionals. Exterior Remodel & Design is a trusted name in both Lincoln and Omaha when it comes to the installation of new and replacement windows. We have been installing windows from trusted brands like Pella®, Jeld Wen®, and Anderson® for more than 25 years.

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