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With the holiday season quickly approaching, many are starting to sift through boxes to gather their outdoor holiday lights and decorations. When it comes to hanging holiday lights, it is important that you are not only safe while you install them, but that you take certain precautions to avoid damaging your roof and gutters. Here are a few things to keep in mind during the installation process so you can be sure you are not causing damage to your home while you are getting into the holiday spirit.

Before You Get Started

If you are planning on hanging holiday lights along the edges of your roof, one of the best ways to get started is to untangle and test the lights you will be using before you drag everything up onto the roof. By ensuring the lights are untangled and in working order, it will make the assembly process a lot easier and less frustrating. There is nothing worse than hanging holiday lights only to realize that they don’t actually work. You will also minimize the amount of foot traffic on your shingles if you are not having to go up and down to adjust your lights.

If you need to implement an extension cord into your holiday light arrangement, be sure the extension cord you have selected is not only in good working order, but that you are using one that is rated for outdoor use. According to Electrical Safety Foundation International, more than 3,300 house fires are caused yearly from improper extension cord use. Extension cords that are marked indoor are not designed to keep moisture out, and the insulation value of the indoor extension cords is less than outdoor cords.

Hanging Holiday Lights on Your House

Don’t be the next Clark Griswold. Never attach the holiday lights directly to your shingles or gutters. The best way to avoid damaging your shingles or gutters while hanging holiday lights is to use plastic light clips to hold the lights in place. You should never use a staple gun, hammer or any other tool that cases direct trauma to your shingles or gutters. These plastic clips are meant to hold holiday lights and are easy to install, remove and can be found at most home improvement stores for an affordable price. When placing holiday lights along your gutters, just slide the clip over the lip of the gutter so that the flat portion of the tab is against the backside of the gutter and the bulbs are facing straight out. When you get to an area of your home where you need to string the lights along your shingles, slide the plastic clip underneath a shingle. The folding tab at the end of the clip helps to hold it securely in place. Pull the light string tight for the most efficient clip placement and overall best presentation. Most holiday light clips will hang lights vertically when placed under the shingles.

Taking Down Holiday Lights

When the holidays are over and it is time to remove your holiday lights, proper removal is just as important as proper installation. Be sure to not just yank down the string of lights by the cord. This will not only cause unnecessary stress to the shingles and gutters you clipped the lights on, but it can also damage your holiday lights and possibly even the clips. By taking the extra time to properly detach the clips from your home, you can be sure that your holiday lights and clips will be in working order when you go to hang them up next year.

If you have concerns about your roof or gutters after removing your holiday lights, contact our team today and we will be happy to assist you! Exterior Remodel & Design offers full roof services to our Omaha, Lincoln, and Council Bluffs residents and commercial businesses. From roof repairs to design and installation, we can do it all!