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Ensuring that your attic has proper ventilation is essential. Not only will you notice a difference in your overall comfort, but you can also help your home from falling victim to ice dams, mold or other issues caused by fluctuating attic temperatures. When it comes to installing or updating your ventilation system, what is the best fit for your home? Is a ridge or turbine vent a better option? Read on to learn more about each type of vent.

Turbine Vents

A turbine vent does exactly what its name suggests. This type of vent is installed on the highest point of the roof and uses wind power to pull hot air from the attic. As the wind moves across your rooftop, the turbines spin and draws air up out of your attic. Turbine vents are not as effective when wind levels are low. It’s very common to have two or three of these turbines installed depending on the size of the roof. Turbine vents come in a variety of sizes and styles.

Ridge Vents

If you want your ventilation system to have a lower profile, a ridge vent may be a better fit for your home. A ridge vent is located in the ridges of where your roof peaks. Unlike a turbine vent, a ridge vent does not rotate. The ridge vent operates much like a screen allowing heat to escape from the attic. The ridge must be installed along the whole roof to be as effective as possible. However, not all rooftops have enough ridges for this installation to work properly. Ridge vents may not provide enough airflow for steep roofs.

When comparing the two vents based on price, a turbine vent is usually the least expensive option. Only a small amount of shingles needs to be removed to make this vent functional. The turbine vent is secured using sealant and flashing to prevent water from getting into the interior of the home.

A ridge vent typically runs the entire length of the roof, so the entire peak is typically cut away for proper installation. Since more of the roof has to be removed and adjusted to install a ridge vent, this vent style tends to be the more expensive route.

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