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Are you considering installing a skylight in your home? Skylights can be a beneficial addition to your home if installed properly, whether increasing your home’s overall value, adding natural light and solar heating, saving energy costs, or providing better ventilation. Before you install a skylight in your house, there are four things to consider in order to avoid making mistakes.

Placement is Key

When determining where to install your skylight, it’s important to consider how its placement affects the home’s building plan. The angle of your installed skylight could affect its absorption of solar heat in different seasons. The best way to choose the best placement is to take a look at your home’s blueprint to determine the best slope of the skylight.

The Best Glazing Option

Manufacturers use various kinds of skylight glazing to reduce unwanted solar heat gain and loss in warm and cold seasons. Skylight glazing is usually either glass or plastic, depending on your desired level of solar heat control. Glass glazing is heavier and more expensive than plastic glazing, and produces better results than the other. Glass provides clearer viewing and is less susceptible to scratches and hard impacts. Plastic glazing is considerably cheaper and less likely to break than glass, but scratches and becomes discolored more easily. Plastic also blocks little to no UV light.

To Roll Film or Not

Once you determined what kind of glazing to use with your skylight, the next step is to figure out if you want any protective films or coverings. Protective films and coverings can regulate light, temperature levels, and privacy quality with colored window films or shade installments. This can be particularly helpful if your roof (and ideal skylight spot) receives a lot of sun exposure. The downside of films is that they can significantly reduce the percentage of natural light your skylight conducts.

A Maintained Skylight Is a Clear Light

Proper skylight maintenance doesn’t end with installation. We recommend keeping your skylight clean and clear with regular check-ups and maintenance throughout the year. Keep an eye on the ceilings, floors and walls in your skylight room for possible leaks or damp spots. Any water residue found could indicate a leak in the skylight and possible build up of mold. Also be sure to dust your skylights from the inside and cleaned on the outside to ensure clear window viewing.

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