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Do you know the difference between frost and snow? The two winter elements have a very scientific difference based on where they begin and end. Snow refers to the ice crystals that are formed from water in the atmosphere and clouds. Frost is a thin layer of ice that forms when water vapor comes in contact with a solid surface which has a temperature below freezing.

Where Your Roof Comes In

If you see clumps of snow on your roof, that means that there was a winter storm and snow fell onto your roof. It’s natural to see snow on your roof in the winter and your roof was built to deal with it.

It’s also natural to see frost on your roof in the winter. As temperatures drop near the end of the year, that lowers the temperature of your roof thus making it easier for frost to form on top of your house. Your roof is built with proper materials made to withstand winter weather like frost.

What Happens If I Don’t See Frost?

When checking your house for frost, check your neighboring roofs first. If everyone else has frost and you don’t, that could mean there is an insulation problem with your attic and you need to repair your roof.

In winter months, your roof is supposed to serve as a shell for the heat in your house: any heat built up in your house should stay in your house. Without proper insulation in your attic and/or issues with your roof, heat could escape your house and thus increase the temperature of your roof.

Stay Prepared with ERD

Don’t want to wait for a cold winter rain shower to see if your roof has insulation issues? Contact Exterior Remodel & Design to schedule a walkthrough with one of our roofing professionals:

Our professionals have the insight to catch any roofing issues early and are expertly skilled to make necessary and cost-effective repairs to your home.