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When it comes to replacing or repairing your roof, the entire process can seem daunting. Your roof is the first defense against severe weather, so when it becomes compromised, you want the problem fixed quickly. Unfortunately, in this industry, there are a number of scams that prey on eager homeowners and take advantage of an already stressful situation. Read on to learn more about the most common roofing scams and how you can easily spot them.

Door-to-Door Sales Pitch

One of the most obvious signs of a roofing scam is if you have an unannounced salesman come to your door. These individuals typically offer a free roof inspection or are promoting an incredibly low price on a new roof if you hire their team on the spot. These types of scenarios are typically performed in a neighborhood that has an older demographic, older homes or a severe storm has recently blown through the area. During this type of scam, the state of the roof’s damage is usually exaggerated or false evidence of a damaged roof is produced. The individual who is trying to sell you a free inspection typically cannot provide the homeowner with previous work references, is using high-pressure sales tactics and will not be very forthcoming with information about their business. The best way to protect yourself, and your wallet, if you find yourself in a similar situation is to not sign anything the individual hands you, turn the salesman away and to not allow them access to your rooftop.

The Storm Chasers

If your neighborhood has recently fallen victim to severe weather damage, it’s important to be aware of storm chasers and how to spot them if they make an appearance in your neighborhood. Storm Chasers are companies that make a profit by following severe weather from one area to another, completing home repairs along the way. Even though this business model of quickly addressing storm damage for a low price may sound appealing, chances are you are not going to receive the quality repair your home requires after such a strong storm. These types of salesmen will use high pressure sales tactics during their sales pitch or offer “free” work to find a way around paying a deductible. By signing these kind of contracts, the homeowner may be putting themselves at risk by waiving their rights to important decision aspects of the repair. Homeowners could also lose control of the insurance claim check and be left with a poorly installed roof and gutter system.

Fluctuating Bids During Repair

This roofing scam, commonly referred to as the “elevator ride” can be harder to spot. This scam takes place when a contractor offers a substantially lower bid for repairs compared to other companies in the area and once the work is underway and contracts have been signed, the price increases. Even though the cost of materials can fluctuate in this industry, contractors are notified by the manufactures weeks before the new prices go into effect. It should be a big red flag to the homeowner if the contractor they have hired tries to increase the overall price in the middle of the repair. However, one area of the roof that cannot be checked during an inspection is the decking, the foundation of the roof where materials are installed. Reputable contractors will include a section within the contract that discusses how they will price the decking if they find out it’s compromised. To avoid falling victim to this type of scam, be sure that the contract you are signing has a section that explains the total cost of labor, materials and how their team handles decking repair.

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