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Every year, the winter months bring ice, snow, cold temperatures and freezing elements. To combat winter’s cold change, you raise the heat in your house to maintain comfortability at home. Your house is built to protect the inside of your home from the cold elements outside your house from creating damaging moisture inside your home, but it requires some management on your part to keep your house in tip-top shape all season long.

Control Air Infiltration

Air infiltration, or leakage, occurs when air goes in or out of a house, and most commonly happens through cracks and gaps in the outside shell of the house. Check all of your windows, doors, or any other parts of your home that can be opened. If there there are any small or large cracks, seal them with foams, tapes, sealants, or other products. Reducing air infiltration is an important step of moisture management in your home and windows are one of the biggest culprits for this issue.

Eliminate Excess Moisture

There are a variety of places you can reinforce to improve ventilation and cut down on moisture. One of the best solutions is to install and regularly clean seamless gutters and downspouts. A common issue in homes is when air seeps up through cracks in the foundation and develops moisture; to fix this re-grade your property around the foundation and seal cracks in foundation walls and floor slabs.

Dry Out Your Attic

If the moisture got away from you and has set up shop in your house, our next recommendation is to get a humidifier to help draw out moisture from the surrounding environment. You’ll have to drain your humidifier frequently for it to work at it’s best.

What About My Ventilation?

Having good ventilation is part of the process of managing moisture in your attic and overall house. For more information on home ventilation, see our post on how to check your attic for poor ventilation.


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