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As a homeowner, you will notice a variety of issues with your house over the years. When water starts dripping in unexpected places, it’s important to know the right steps to take. Some water leaks may be more damaging to your home and might be more expensive to fix.

Find the Source of the Leak

Did you just find a leak in your home? The first step is to find the source of the leak and to do that you will need to check all sources of water in your house.

Examine all sink faucet gaskets, pipe fittings, and related sources around your house. If there is water collecting or dripping outside of the pipes, that is a sign of surface leaks.

Perform a food-coloring experiment in your toilet tank. If there’s any color in your toilet bowl after 15 minutes, you have a leak.

Check your water meter. Set up a 2- or 3-hour period when you will avoid using any water; make sure you check your water meter before and after the period: if the meter changes during the period, you likely have a leak somewhere.

Other signs of a water leak include:

  • A musty smell in your home
  • Vertical or patchy discolorations of mold on your walls
  • Moisture collecting on the floor or other unusual places


What If I Ignore a Leak?

Finding a water leak in your home may result in anxiety knowing something is broken, worry of having to repair your house, and more. The most important thing to do is to attend to and fix the problem. Regardless of any worry about paying for a leak fix, that repair cost will only increase significantly every minute you decide to ignore it.

From Water Leak to Mold

Water leaks tend to result in a domino affect in houses. When a pipe or toilet is damaged, the contained water starts leaking out into the house. As water leaks out, the moisture combines with humid conditions in the house, which contributes to the growth and spread of mold. Mold is a dangerous fungus to humans and houses: find out more here!

Determining the Cost of a Leak

There are a variety of costly results to water leaks in a house, including high utility bills from wasted water, mold removal, and repairs to water damage on your floors or fixtures. You can easily avoid higher utility bills by monitoring your monthly water bills and watching for abnormal usage increases.

If you catch a water leak and attend to it quickly, your cost could be significantly reduced to just a plumbing fix. If you want to be especially proactive and save money, it’s a good idea to hire a professional periodically to check your plumbing for leaks.


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