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What are hip roofs? Hip roofs are recognizable by their slope on all four sides. The sides are all equal length and come together at the ridge at the top, with the “hip” being the seam where adjacent sloping sides meet. The slope on all four sides allows for easy shedding of snow and water, making it an excellent option for snowy areas.

Another advantage comes from the stability this structure offers due to its interior construction and inward slopes. The lack of a gable lends increased support against high winds. Hip roofs provide excellent ventilation for your home and are a great choice if you want vaulted ceilings or additions.

Like all roof types, there things to be aware of when it comes to hip roofs. Due to its complexity, the construction of a hip roof may be more expensive when compared to a gable roof. The additional seams mean an increased probability that water will penetrate areas not properly installed.