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Curb appeal is the known around the United States as the indicator of the initial appeal of a house property. It shows the attractiveness of the exterior of the house viewed from the street and usually includes the property’s landscaping, front entrance, and paint/siding quality. But does the attractiveness of the roof improve the curb appeal as well? Yes, it can, and this post will help explain all the ways an attractive roof can significantly improve the overall curb appeal of your property.

Choose the Right Color

Your roof is the first line of defense against outdoor elements, but it also serves as the topping to the rest of your home’s color scheme. This doesn’t mean you should just paint your roof to match the style of your home. It’s better to choose the best quality and most attractive roof type to both protect your home and complete your home’s color pattern. Exterior Remodel & Design offers a variety of colorful premium roof types including true Vermont slate and Ludowici tile.

Consider the Design Elements

The style of your roof impacts the overall design of your home. In one part, it helps the architectural design and look of your house, but the design also improves your home’s value. A stylish new roof can add 15–40 percent more value to your house. Specialty roof types like true slate and Ludowici tile can have lifespans from 75–125 years, which significantly helps solidify quality curb appeal for many years to come.

If you just have the time or money to improve one aspect of your curb appeal, repairing or installing a new roof will both improve your house’s appeal and significantly improve your house’s protection.


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