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Can I attach something to my roof shingles? Is this a question you’ve had about your home? There are a variety of accessories you can add around the outside of your house, but does that include your roof or shingles?

To Use or Not Use Nails

Before you attach anything to your roof, it’s important to know how you would like to attach the object to your shingles or roof. As effective nails are with many construction projects, they don’t serve the same purpose with  attaching objects to your shingles. Yes, it’s true that roofing professionals use nails when installing shingles, but they do so in a way where each nail is covered by the shingle above it. Shingles are designed to keep water out of your house by directing the water down your roof and into your gutters. If you drive a nail into the top of an already installed shingle on your roof, you risk puncturing both the shingle and part of your roof which will create a hole for water to trickle down into your house. If you have already done this and have a water leak, read our recent blog post on dealing with water leaks (https://erdreroofing.com/roofing-omaha/how-to-deal-with-a-water-leak-in-your-home/).

Can I Attach to My Soffit?

Your soffit is the underside of your roof, such as a balcony, eaves or arch. When considering attaching flower baskets or other items to the soffit of your roof, it’s wise to avoid using chains or other heavy tools. Most soffits can’t handle the weight of flower baskets or the chains used to hang them. If you want to attach a flower basket or decoration near your soffit, it’s better to attach them to more supportive parts of your house like wooden beams or parts of your porch.

Contact Exterior Remodel & Design

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