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The average life expectancy of the shingles on your roof can be a long time, sometimes up to 30 years with proper care. But even the best care can’t always prevent harsh weather or elements from inflicting wear and tear on your roof. Below are the 5 most common causes of roof damage and shingle depreciation on your house.


Everywhere in the United States, the sun rises every day and shines damaging rays, heat, and radiation on your roof. Because of the consistent exposure to the sun, your shingles break down over time.


Nebraska is ranked fourth in the US for potential wind power generation. With changing seasons come high winds that pull, lift, curl, and degrade shingles. When shingles get damaged enough to fall off your roof, your house becomes vulnerable to water damage and structural problems.

Overgrown Trees

It can be tough to think that overgrown trees could damage your roof, but they can. Tree limbs can puncture your roof or shingles, and leaves can clog your gutters and retain moisture. The buildup of moisture from overgrown trees could result in rotting or permanent damage to your roof.


Lichen is an organism that forms from algae and can cause the wood parts of your house to rot and become discolored over time. The components of lichen and fungus can be acidic enough to penetrate your roof and cause more damage to other parts of your house.

Rain, Snow, Ice & Hail

As mentioned above, unnecessary moisture can be detrimental to a roof’s health. In most cases, two or more of these elements are active at the same time. Hail has the potential to dislodge protective granules under your shingles on your roof. Rain, snow and ice all have the potential to block proper water drainage or even cause water to back up under your shingles and in the areas where your shingles have become dislodged from the hail.

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It’s difficult to absolutely predict when any of these causes will arrive to damage your roof. In the event that your roof is affected by lichen, wind, or any of the other causes, our team at Exterior Remodel and Design are here to repair your roof and the damaged parts. Our contractors can examine the damage, write up an estimate, and walk you through the insurance process to ensure that you get all necessary repair and replacement costs covered.

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