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Your gutter system is an essential part of your home, so it’s important that you understand how they work. If your gutters are not functioning properly and the issue is left untreated, your home can quickly become vulnerable to exterior and interior water damage. Read on to learn more about your gutter system and how Exterior Remodel & Design can help you if your gutters have been neglected.

What is the purpose of gutters?

Gutters are primarily designed to divert rainwater from your rooftop away from your home. If your gutters become clogged with leaves, bird nests or other natural debris, rainwater can quickly build up and go under your home. Clogged gutters that do not properly reroute water can compromise your foundation, siding or flood your basement.

How can I tell if my gutters are not working properly?

There are a number of noticeable symptoms when your gutters are not rerouting water properly. Most of the symptoms can be spotted during and soon after a heavy rain storm. The following are a few ways to spot clogged or damage gutters:

  • Dripping gutters when it rains
  • Overflowing gutters when it rains
  • Noticeable cracks or rusting on the gutters
  • Pooling water on your lawn or near your foundation
  • Water inside your home, such as your basement or roof
  • Finding small critters in your home that are nesting in your gutters

The average lifespan of gutters is between 15 and 20 years. If they haven’t been replaced during that time frame, they should be checked by a professional to assess overall functionality.

How often should I clean my gutters?

If you are picking up debris in your yard and off your roof after a storm, chances are you also have debris lodged in your gutter system. Ensuring that your gutters are clean can help prevent serious and expensive issues from developing. The best practice is to inspect your gutters twice a year, once in the early summer and once in the early fall, to be sure they are clean. If you have a lot of mature trees on your property that shed leaves during the fall, you will definitely want to make checking your gutters a priority. If you live in a neighborhood that sees a lot of leaves each fall, you may want to consider installing gutter guards. This accessory will not only help keep your gutters free of debris; they will also dramatically cut down on the overall cleaning time.

Is there more than one type of gutter?

Gutters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, otherwise known as profiles. These profiles include U-shape and K-shape configurations. The front of the K-shape configuration looks like the letter “K” allowing the system to resemble crown molding rather than a square-like appearance. All gutters are also either sectional or seamless. Sectional gutter systems include corner pieces, end caps and drop outlets for connecting to the downspouts. A seamless gutter system only has joints at the corners and where the gutters meet downspouts.

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