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You may think the only way your roof can be damaged is if a strong storm that produces large hail or waves of heavy rain blows through your neighborhood. Even though rain and hail can cause a lot of damage, strong wind gusts can also cause stress points and damage on your roof. Addressing roof damage that is caused by strong winds is very important in order to avoid other problems, such as water leaks, that may develop due to a weakened area on your rooftop. Read on to learn more about how the wind can damage your roof and how to spot the warning signs of wind damage.

How can the wind damage your roof?

When it comes to wind damage, the edges of your roof are usually the most vulnerable. The edges of your roof where shingles may not be flush against the rooftop is an easy access point for the wind to sneak in and push the shingles upward, resulting in a damaging peeling like motion. If enough shingles are peeled back, your roof’s insulation will be exposed and can become very susceptible to water damage.

Debris that is picked up by strong winds can also be cause for concern. Flying debris, such as tree branches, can cause puncture damage to your roof after a direct hit or even if the wind dragged it across your roof. It is also important to be sure your gutters and downspouts are still intact after a severe wind storm.

How to check for wind damage

After a strong wind storm, it is always a good idea to make sure your roof, gutters and downspouts look the way they should. Here are a few ways to spot damage caused by the wind so you can address the issues in a timely manner.

  • Shingles: Be sure none of your shingles are curling, broken or missing. Curling shingles are easy to spot because the shingles will be pulled slightly upward and will have a wrinkled appearance.
  • Gutters/Downspouts: You may need to replace gutters and/or downspouts after a severe wind storm if they look loosely attached to your house, if they are bent, if they leak or if sections are missing entirely. If you noticed a lot of flying debris during the storm, it would be a good idea to check your gutters for debris that may have become lodged during the storm. Clogged gutters and downspouts can cause a variety of issues, so be sure to safely clean them out yourself or hire a reputable company that specializes in gutter cleaning.

What do you do if you see warning signs of wind damage?

After an outdoor inspection, if you discover one or more of these wind damage warning signs, it is important to address them immediately to avoid further damage. Contact your insurance agent to assess the situation and determine whether you should file a claim. Call Exterior Remodel and Design Roofing today to get a fast, free estimate from the most trusted roofers in Omaha. As Omaha’s most trusted roofing contractors, you can count on us for craftsmanship unmatched by other roofing companies in the area. Contact our team today!