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One of the many elements that winter brings with it each year is cold, unbearable wind. For many, winter winds are nicknamed the “hurricanes of winter” and are associated with headaches during commutes and chilling walks. Cold winds could also create power outages, cracked window panes, or even damaged roofs. Do you know how to protect your home and roof from these inevitable winter winds?

Inspect Your Roof & Make Notes

At Exterior Remodel & Design, we spend a lot of time recommending regular inspections of your roof. This is important because it gives you helps you catch issues while they’re in their primary stages and before they become something bigger.  If you don’t inspect your roof at least on a monthly basis, then you could miss a leaky roof, a line of loose shingles, or something more costly to fix.

If you do inspect your roof on a regular basis, make note of any troubling findings. Is there a dark or browning spot around your gutters or shingles? Is there visible mold or a moldy scent originating in your attic? Are any of your shingles worn or broken? Does your roof appear to be uneven and spotty? You should write down any questionable spots and depending on the quality of damage found, address it immediately.

Clean Your Roof & Gutters

As the year progresses, debris builds up on and around your roof. The more debris and dirt built up, the more troubles are likely to occur with your roof. A cluttered gutter prevents water from flowing through your downspouts, which will eventually cause water to soak and begin rotting in your roof or even cause damage to your foundation.

Clear Out Surrounding Branches

Over the year, branches have a tendency to break and get stuck in trees. As wind picks up during the winter, it’s strong enough to pull broken branches from trees, which in turn get caught on your roof. 

Branches can be very detrimental to your roof; they scrape and dislodge shingles from the roof, thus leaving your roof open to the cold winter elements.

Contact ERD Professionals

If you’re too busy to prepare your roof for the coming winter winds, contact Exterior Remodel & Design for our expert professionals to thoroughly inspect your roof and make necessary updates. We know the important steps needed to ensure your roof is protected from heavy winds and any other dangerous elements that comes in the winter season.