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In Nebraska, the most popular months for hail are from May to July. Normally, hail can be detected using radar and generally sends a return signal when the radar shows an extremely heavy rainfall. As radars have evolved over the years, weather forecasters have been able to predict hail storms weeks in advance.

We’ve previously covered how to spot hail damage on your roof and how to repair a hail-damaged roof. Read below to learn how you can prepare your home for that dreadful upcoming hail storm.

Protect Your Roof

Have you been keeping up on your routine roof inspections and updates? Are you missing any shingles and are your gutters in peak condition? Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against hail and other damaging storm elements. Whether your doing self-inspections or you hire a pro for spring and fall roof checks, it’s vital to keep an eye on your roof condition. If you’ve been putting off any repairs or replacements, now is the time to do it and to use durable materials when you do.

If you choose to wait on repairs and replacement until after the hail storm, you could chance damaging your roof more and causing further damage inside your house.

Protect Your Windows

When we say protect your “windows,” we mean your skylights, sliding glass doors, and your normal windows; anything with glass that can be damaged from hail. There are a variety of different protective panels you can get including pre-installed permanent shutter systems or temporary panels that you can store when not in use. If you’re planning to replace your windows, consider buying wind- and impact-resistant systems that have been certified to protect against hail.

In the event that the shutters fail and hail breaks your window, be sure to close your drapes and blinds to help stop the broken glass and reduce the risk of injury.

Protect Your Landscape

In many cases, your home includes your area outside around your house (e.g. surrounding trees, plants, a garden, etc.). Trim the trees around your home and remove any dead branches; doing this will help prevent any of the branches from breaking away from the tree and damaging your home. If you have any potted plants or flowers, consider covering them with trash cans or moving them inside the house so they won’t be damaged from the hail. To protect your garden, cover them with tarps or blankets to lessen the impact from the hail.

If you have a garage with space, move your vehicles inside it. If your vehicle can’t fit in your garage, consider bringing in patio furniture and outdoor equipment to use up your extra space.

Contact ERD

Do you feel unprepared for an upcoming hail storm? Contact Exterior Remodel & Design, Inc., for an expert roofing professional to make an inspection to check the status of your roof more information or a quote about professional roof installations, contact Exterior Remodel & Design. Our team of roofing experts have knowledge and experience in a variety of areas to get you what you want and need.