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In the summer, tornadoes can be a very common occurrence for those in the Midwest of the United States. So far in 2019, states in the Midwest have seen more than 200 tornadoes, affecting scores of residents across the US. Can you prepare your roof against something as strong as a tornado?

Assess Your Roof

The first thing to do is check the status of your roof. Are there any loose or damaged items on it? These can include lawn chairs, outdoor furniture, toys, lights or ornaments. Some roofs are flat and are used for entertainment. Ensure that any loose objects on your roof are either removed or securely stored in a way where it won’t be affected by heavy winds.

Reinforce Your Roof

Prevent your roof from flying off by having a professional install some straps, clips, or other reinforcement products. Fastening straps or clips to your roof trusses or rafters will help keep your roof in place if your house sees small-strength winds.

Reinforce Connections to Load Bearing Walls

In addition to fastening straps and clips, it’s important to reinforce your house’s gable walls to withstand pressure from high-wind storms. Brace gable walls to the attic floors to reinforce the house structure.

Install Metal Roofing Products

Some metal roofing products (e.g. stone-coated steel shingles) offer better resistance to heavy wind and fire damage than traditional roof shingles. Have a professional upgrade your roof to metal shingles and other products to ensure best quality protection.

Protect Against Water

For roofs that have decks, install over your deck joints modified polymer bitumen strips or flashing tape to create a high-strength secondary water barrier. In the event that strong wind damages your roof covering, the strips or tape will keep out rain from entering the inside of your house.

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