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Although it’s not usually the first thing you notice, your roof says a lot about your home. Consider wood shingles to fit your budget and style. Wood shingles are small, light and severed on both sides. Wood shakes are generally more thick and are hand-split. The most common wood shingles are cedar, which are longer-lasting and more fire resistant. Fire-retardant coatings are typical with wood shingles. Take into consideration wood shingles require a steeper roof to get rid of moisture.  


  • Natural Beauty – The character of wood shingles blends nicely with the landscape and other surroundings. Its natural color and look enhance your home’s overall curb appeal and over time, the cedar will change to a more old-fashioned, silver color.  
  • Lightweight – Second to asphalt shingles, wood (cedar) shingles are one of the most lightweight roofing materials, making it easier to repair.  
  • Insulation – Cedar wood is a natural thermal insulator, keeping your house cool during the summer and lowering the heat bill in the winter.  

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