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Slate tiles are natural, shingle-like, flat sheets of rock. Slate tiles can also be very pricey and heavy for your roof, but the stone look provides plenty of curb appeal to your home. Because of its weight, slate tiles do require extra roof support and framing. This roofing material requires professional installation, as walking on these tiles can be difficult and result in breaking the stone slates.

Slate tile has been a go-to roofing material throughout history and is well-known as being highest quality, longest lasting roofing materials. However, slate roofing tile isn’t for everyone, as there are some drawbacks to choosing slate tiles for your roof including the high cost, somewhat-difficult installation and relative fragility


  • Lifespan – Slate rock can last a very long time, often more than 100 years while maintaining its appearance over time.
  • Low-maintenance – Rock is resistant to fire, moisture and insects, protecting your home from the outside elements with little to no maintenance.
  • Home Value – Due to its durability and beautiful, natural appearance, the value of your home will increase, making it overall more appealing to buyers if you ever sell it.


  • High Cost – Maybe one of slate rock’s biggest cons. The cost of slate tile can vary anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000 per square installed, making this roofing material up to 5 times more expensive than other roofing materials.
  • Installation – It’s not easy to install slate roofing tile. Contrary to what they might tell you, not a lot of roofers or general contractors have a lot of experience in installing slate roofs, as it takes special experience and care (yes, we’re actually experts in slate tile installation).
  • Fragility – The typical homeowner who likes to go up on their roof for maintenance or perhaps putting up Christmas lights should stay off a slate-tiled roof. If you don’t have to walk on slate tiles, you shouldn’t, as it can cause major fractures. 

Slate roofing tiles aren’t for everyone, but if you decide that it’s right for your home and roof, don’t hesitate to call Exterior Remodel & Design to help.