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Every winter season brings heavy winds, chilling temperatures, and countless inches of snow. One of the most ignored and important roofs to maintain during winter is your shed roof. Your shed can serve as a shop for you to do work, a safe storage place for your tools and garden supplies, and even house large equipment like tractors. Replacing your shed roof can be expensive and avoidable with proper winter maintenance. Read below on how to maintain your shed’s roof during the winter.

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Regular Roof Inspections

Much like with your home, you should perform regular inspections of your shed roof. Doing this lets you track how well your shed roof performs and gives you a better idea of the minor or major damages endured during the winter; which helps you pinpoint the best solution for dealing with the issue.

You should inspect your shed’s roof immediately after a snow fall, heavy wind storm, or a period of extreme cold temperatures. When inspecting the roof of your shed, be sure to maintain upmost safety and try to perform all of the inspection from the ground. Choosing to stand or crawl around on the rooftop of your shed could damage its structural integrity and shingles.

Helpful tip: If the weather is bad out, you can take pictures and look at them in the warmth of your home. It’s also good to keep records of possible damages to your shed roof.

Make Necessary Repairs

Much like with house roofs, repairing shed roofs can be considerably less expensive than replacing the roof altogether. Repairing is necessary if your shed roof shows the following:

  • Damaged or missing shingles
  • Small holes in your roof
  • Cracked caulking (you can easily re-caulk areas)


Clear Up Your Roof

Once you’ve inspected your roof and made any necessary repairs, the next best thing is clear the area on and around your shed’s roof. Are there nearby overgrown trees that have branches touching your shed? Trim the branches and any other vegetation in the area. Are there piles of leaves next to your shed or on your roof? Remove them with a leaf rake and inspect the areas for mold or built-up moisture. You may even have to apply a roof-specific mold killer to your roof if there were many leaves resting there.

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