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Do you have a roof that needs repair or replacement? Have you hired a professional roofing agency to get the job done? When it comes to residential or commercial roofing, maintaining safety is one of the biggest steps to get nail down. This article will cover the different safety risks of a roofing jobsite and different methods you can use to ensure that safety is everyone’s #1 goal.

Who Will Have Access to the Roof?

It’s important to think about who will be on your roof at all times. If you’ve hired a roofing professional to work on your roof, know they’re plan for the roof is and who they plan on being up there throughout the process. Roof access should only be granted if it is safe for individuals to be there. Professionals at Exterior Remodel & Design are thoroughly trained and educated on how to safely work at tall heights.

Is the Roof Equipped for Safety?

Whether a commercial or residential roofing project, it’s important to make sure the roof is equipped for safety in mind. Does your home or building have a rooftop garden or community space? Are there proper guardrails in place? Are there signs in place to keep non-roofing professionals from trespassing into working zones?

A safe roof project should be the focus of both the roofing professionals and the client; minimize slip and fall hazards, and regularly check the roofing area for debris or damage that could pose a safety risk. If a storm is expected when a roofing project is in place, be sure to secure anything that might blow off the roof or fall to the ground. Read more to learn how to prepare your home for an upcoming storm!

Don’t Be a Distraction

Roofing professionals are expertly trained to perform their roofing repair and restoration at great heights. It’s very important not to create a distraction for them when they’re working for both their safety and yours. If they’re using nail guns or other electrical tools, don’t touch hot wires with your hands or tools. There’s a lot of material that goes into most roofing jobs, which means that roofing professionals need the upmost focus to transfer the materials to your roof. If they get distracted and slip, they could fall and get injured, or injure someone on the ground below. If your roofing contractors are working with ladders, avoid coming into contact with the ladders.

Contact Us For More Information

At Exterior Remodel & Design, our roofing experts perform regular diagnostics of our clients’ roofing status to ensure the upmost safety for our employees and clients during roofing repair or install. If your roof is in need of repair, restoration, or you would like to install a roofing upgrade, contact Exterior Remodel & Design by phone at (402) 861-0000 or by email at [email protected].