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Gutter guards

Gutter guards

Do you wish you never had to clean out your gutters again?  

Tis’ the season for leaf and debris build-up on your roof and gutters. As we’ve had a relatively dry season so far, this hasn’t cause much damage yet — but wait until the rain and snow start falling once again.  

Clogged gutters usually start to overflow and can cause major damage to your home’s exterior and roof, as well as your lawn and landscape. Clogged gutters eventually lead to greater problems in your roof like ice dams, roof leaks and wearing down of roof shingles. Other problems that may occur are plant kill around your home, soil erosion, insect infestation due to damp areas and damage to the exterior of your home. 

Cleaning your gutters are not only messy, they’re costly and even dangerous. If you’re looking for a simple solution to having cleaner gutters and maintaining your home, consider gutter guards. Gutter guards can be fairly inexpensive by the foot and really do help out your home’s roof and exterior by deterring leaves, pine needles, seed pods and other roof grit. Gutter guards can also prevent annual rain gutter maintenance, by simply requiring a small sweeping of the lower roof and top of the gutter guard. 

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