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Gable roofs, otherwise known as saddle, pitched or peaked roofs, are some of the most popular roof shapes in America.

Gable Roofs

This shape has two sloping sides that come together at the ridge. Gable roofs can be covered with almost any roofing material, but easily shed water and snow.

The shape of your roof can be decided upon a number of factors, including climate, accessibility, and architectural design. The most common shape in America is the gable roof, which is also known as the saddle, pitched or peaked roof.

This shape is recognizable by its triangular wall extensions that are called gables. The extensions are created by the two sloping sides of the roof that come together at the ridge.

Gable roofs are so common because they easily shed water and snow, and create more space for an attic or vaulted ceiling – providing better ventilation. However, gable roofs are not the best option in high-wind or hurricane areas, since winds blowing against the gable end can cause the roof to act as an umbrella. When this happens, the roof can catch and blow off the structure, or the gable can cave in.

If you’re not in a high-wind climate, the gable is a great option because it can be covered with almost any material and has the possibility to be customized with dormers, L shapes, cross gables or combined with hip roofs.