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Dry rot

Dry rot


Dry rot occurs not usually from water damage, but when there isn’t enough ventilation in your roof. Dry rot is actually from a fungus that starts when the roof isn’t able to rid itself of moisture, and the fungus then builds up in those non-ventilated parts of your roof. The fungus feeds on the wood and weakens it over time, creating leaks and other major roof problems. Dry rot is usually seen in older homes, where the wood hasn’t been treated to prevent rotting and moisture buildup from happening. 

To prevent other major roof problems, here are some tips about dry rot: 

Where do I look for dry rot? 

  • Where any horizontal surface attaches to a vertical surface 
  • Where the deck attaches to your home 
  • Window sills (wooden) 
  • Gutters 
  • Downspouts 

DO NOT try and walk on a roof that you think has dry rot. 

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