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Even though it’s not usually the first thing you notice, your roof says a lot about your home. Consider clay tiles for your roof, to fit your budget and style. Clay tiles are all-natural and are fired in a kiln. They are generally one of the most expensive and heaviest of roofing materials. Clay tiles will last a long time, as they are environmentally friendly and are resistant to both freezing and hot temperatures, as well as the sun’s harmful UV rays. However, they are more vulnerable to cracking in extremely low temperatures. 


  • Insulation – Since hot and cold temperatures don’t affect clay tiles as much as other roofing materials, clay is a natural insulator, keeping the energy bill low and your home temperature-controlled.  
  • Low-maintenance – Clay tiles don’t absorb water, mold or mildew very well, making them basically maintenance free.  
  • Color – Clay tiles don’t lose their color much since they are a natural roofing material.  

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