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If a historical or contemporary aesthetic is what you’re aiming for during your next remodeling project, cedar siding is exactly what you are looking for. This popular design not only offers a one-of-a-kind look for your home, but also a number of benefits any homeowner would want the exterior of their home to have. Read on to learn more about cedar siding and how our team at Exterior Remodel and Design can help you achieve the look you want.

Is cedar siding expensive to install?

Compared to other popular siding options on the market, cedar typically falls within the mid to high range when it comes to installation cost. There a number of different textures and styles to choose from when you are considering cedar siding such as traditional layered bevel or a sleek tongue and groove approach. The different cedar options lock together differently, but are installed in the same manner. However, you decide to install your cedar siding, the natural beauty it possess will give your home an undeniable elegant touch.

How durable is cedar siding?

Cedar siding has been used on homes since the 1800s and can stand the test of time. Other than its distinguishing design, cedar siding is also very sought after for its high durability against severe weather, fluctuating temperatures and damage caused by insects. The natural oils found in cedar has shown to be a deterrent for termites, moths and other insects. Cedar siding is also considered a more eco-friendly option when compared to other siding products on the market.

How much maintenance does cedar siding require?

Despite all of the qualities cedar siding has to offer, it’s still a material that will require regular maintenance in order for it to look its best. When compared to other siding options, cedar siding requires the most maintenance. One of the most important aspects of the installation process is figuring out what color of siding you want. Cedar is free of pitch and resin, which means it’s easy to paint or stain and gives homeowners a number of siding color options to choose from. Even though cedar is easy to paint and stain, it will fade over time and will need to have a finish reapplied. It’s important to use a high-quality paint or stain to ensure a long lifespan between applications. If cedar is left to fade, it will turn a gray color. However, the gray color will not diminish the durability of the wood. Vinyl siding can also fade overtime due to sun exposure and can’t be refinished like cedar can be.

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