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Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your home or looking for a quick fix to sell, your siding is one of the biggest investments you can make in your home. There are a multitude of options to choose from with siding, but it’s important to find something that suits your preferred style and improves your home’s efficiency.

Historically, one of the most popular siding choices for U.S. homeowners is aluminum siding, a lightweight and fireproof material that can last for 40 or more years on a house.



Because it’s created using recycled material, aluminum siding is 100% recyclable and energy efficient. Because of its eco-friendly benefits, aluminum siding is also resistant to rust, lightweight, and requires little maintenance. According to Aluminum.org, energy required to produce new aluminum is down more than 25% in the past 26 years and the manufacturing industry’s carbon footprint is down almost 40 percent.

Not only is aluminum used with siding, but it’s also a popular choice for roofing: coated aluminum roofs are highly effective with reflecting sunlight and increasing building energy efficiency. Aluminum siding is also a great insulator for your house in summer’s extreme heat and winter’s frigid cold temperatures.



When installing aluminum siding on your home, you have multiple options on how you want it formatted. Unlike other materials, aluminum siding allows you to choose between vertical and horizontal orientation, or even be repainted to a color that matches your home more. Whether you want to paint the aluminum yourself or get it professionally painted before it’s shipped, aluminum siding provides flexibility of styles.



One of the biggest benefits of aluminum siding is how affordable it is. Depending on your location, aluminum can be 80% cheaper to install than other types of siding. Because of its lightweight material, it takes considerably less time to install aluminum and thus saves you money on labor.



In addition to high flexibility, aluminum siding is fire resistant and a fairly durable siding material. In the event of a fire, the enamel paint may become scorched, but it will not burn or melt, and can be cleaned and repainted. It also does not emit dangerous fumes when it gets hot.

In climates where humidity is high and can be problematic for homes, aluminum is an effective material to use. It doesn’t absorb moisture the way wood siding does, nor does it swell in humidity or dry out and shrink.



One of the biggest drawbacks to aluminum siding is how susceptible it is to dents and scratches due to its soft metal material. This means if you live in a place where hail and heavy weather elements occur, it’s likely your aluminum siding will collect minor damage in its lifetime. Some siding manufactures offer a thin backing board of insulation to protect against dents, but that won’t protect it from heavy storms.

Another drawback to aluminum is how it can become faded and worn from exposure to weather elements. Luckily fading aluminum siding can be fixed with high-quality exterior paint or regular spray-wash cleaning of your siding.



There are several benefits to aluminum’s lightweight and cost-effective material, but it also contributes to a con: noisiness. Whether it’s light hail, heavy rain showers, or a strong wind, the pinging of weather elements against your aluminum siding can be loud and annoying. 

Luckily, there are ways to bypass these loud popping sounds, such as installing more insulated walls, windows, and other adjacent materials. Otherwise, you can just get used to the sounds.



Because of its affordability and lightweight factors, aluminum is sometimes used to cover up larger issues on house exteriors. If there have been issues with mold or other kinds of damage on the house, the previous homeowner might have covered the issue up some aluminum siding. To avoid this as a home buyer, you should always have a professional inspect the home before buying.



If you’re a current homeowner who has installed aluminum siding, it’s very beneficial to hire a specialized professional  to perform a good inspection. Are you interested in learning more about aluminum or other kinds of siding options? Contact Exterior Remodel & Design for more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our siding professionals.