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Your gutter system may not seem to be all that impressive, but it plays a vital role in keeping your home and foundation safe from weather related damage. When your gutter system begins to not function properly due to damage or overall age, addressing the problem in a timely manner is key. If you are not sure how old your gutters are, read on to learn more about the signs and symptoms of aging gutters.

Broken Gutter Fasteners

Your gutter system functions at its best when the gutters are properly fastened together as one continuous channel. If you notice that sections of the gutters are coming a part in certain areas, it may be a sign that you need to check the hardware that holds them in place. Fasteners are pieces of metal that hold your gutters to your roof. The fasteners will also help keep your gutters level. If you have replaced fasteners in the past and your gutters continue to separate, that is a sign that your gutters will need to be replaced.

Gutters Become Improperly Pitched

If you start to notice that your gutters are full of water in certain areas and are starting to sag, your gutters may have become improperly pitched. However, it’s important to rule out any clogs caused by debris. Debris can also cause water to back up within the gutter system and not allow it to properly exit the rooftop. If your gutters are clear and the issue continues to occur, your gutters may need to be adjusted to resolve the issue. If a specific section of your gutters has had a sagging appearance for some time, it’s probably time to replace your gutters and establish a properly pitched system for optimal protection against water damage.

Visible Cracks or Rust

While inspecting your gutters, if you notice that there are visible cracks, holes or rust development in more than one area, it may be time for a gutter replacement. This type of damage can sometimes be treated with a sealant or the installation of additional flashing.

Basement Flooding

One of the most severe signs that you need to inspect your gutter system is if you find water in your basement. If your gutters are not functioning properly, water can begin to pool close to your home’s foundation and can leak into your basement level. Water damage in your basement can quickly become an expensive repair if the cause is not properly corrected. Replacing your gutters and downspouts will ensure that any water on your roof is being properly diverted away from your foundation.

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