Maintaining Your Aluminum Siding

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Does your Omaha home have aluminum siding on it? Call your Omaha Lincoln Siding Experts Exterior Remodel and Design. Aluminum siding siding used to be very popular until vinyl siding came along but the qualities that made it popular are still good today. If you can repair and maintain this type of siding there is no need to hurry and make a switch to vinyl siding.

Check out these tips to keep your siding in great shape!

Omaha Lincoln Siding Experts Exterior Remodel and Design Painting Aluminum Siding – Bob Vila Aluminum siding first became popular in the wake of World War II, when this metal, which had been so crucial to the war effort, became more readily available. Homeowners valued the material for its weather protection and insulating properties. They also loved that, in comparison with wood siding, aluminum requires little maintenance. But when vinyl siding arrived in the late 1950s, aluminum rapidly fell out of favor, in part because it was prone to denting and its color faded relatively quickly.

That’s not to say that if you live in an aluminum-clad home, you should replace your siding. On the contrary, those attributes that once made it a favorite are as appealing today as they were in the 1940s. Aluminum remains a low-maintenance, first-rate insulating barrier against the weather. So long as your aluminum siding is performing to your satisfaction, consider preserving it by cleaning, patching, and painting your siding.

REPAIR Before painting aluminum siding, you may find it necessary—or merely desirable—to replace any sections that have been dented or otherwise damaged. After all, one virtue of this cladding material is that it lends itself so easily to repair work. Follow these simple steps: read more at

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